Community Care Program

Community Care Program

What is the Community Care Program?

The Community Care Program (CCP) offers services and supports to qualifying older Illinoisans to help work with them to remain in their homes, if that is their choice, and avoid unnecessary institutionalization.

Will I have to pay for CCP services?

No, there is no out of pocket cost to you for CCP services. The CCU will send a Care Coordinator to your home at no cost to discuss your needs and person-centered goals, and to help you choose what services may be right for you. 

Who can qualify for CCP? 

You are eligible for CCP services if: 

  • You are age 60 or older;
  • You are determined physically in need of services and supports based on the comprehensive assessment tool;  
  • You are a resident of the State of Illinois;
  • You are either a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen within the specific categories;  
  • You meet the asset requirements; and
  • You agree to apply, and if found eligible, enroll for Medicaid benefits on an annual basis.  Each individual is different and may be eligible to receive different services. Please contact us to see what you may be eligible for.

Who determines my eligibility?

A Care Coordinator from FCPHD will complete an assessment to determine your eligibility for CCP services. They will ask you what kinds of tasks you can complete on your own, what kind of activities you require assistance with and what type of support you have available. If you are determined eligible, the Care Coordinator will also work with you to identify your person-centered goals and arrange services and supports needed.

What happens if I qualify for CCP?

If you qualify for CCP services, the Care Coordinator will work with you to develop a person-centered plan, set up services that are appropriate for you, which you have agreed to receive and make sure these services continue to meet your needs. 

Services and Supports Available in Ford County

In-Home Service - Offers non-medical support by supervised homecare aides who have received specialized training in the provision of in-home services. Services include:  

  • Accompany / Transportation to medical appointments and errands such as shopping
  • Assisting with self-administered medication 
  • Following a written special nutrition diet plan 
  • Moderate home maintenance  
  • Non-medical personal care tasks 
  • Performing meal preparation 
  • Routine light housekeeping

Automated Medication Dispenser - Available to eligible participants who need medication reminders to improve medication adherence. Offers a portable, mechanical system for individual use that can be programmed to dispense or remind to take oral medications through auditory, visual, or voice reminders.

Emergency Home Response Service 

Offers you a 24-hour emergency communication link to assistance outside your home. This service is provided by a 2-way voice communication system consisting of a base unit and an activation device worn, automatically linking to a professionally staffed support center. The support center assesses the situation and directs an appropriate response whenever activated.

To learn more about the CCP or to see if you or a loved one qualify for services, contact our office at (217) 379-9281, or email us at [email protected].

CCP Staff


Kami Kimmel, Full-Time Care Coordinator         Don McCall, Care Coordinator      




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