Serving Ford County Since 2014

The Ford County Public Health Department was established July 1, 2014. 

The mission of the Ford County Public Health Department is to fulfill society's interest in assuring conditions in which people can reach their maximum health potential.

The Health Department partners with Gibson Area Hospital and Health Services (GAHHS) to provide Maternal Child Health services.  Women Infant and Children (WIC) and Family Case Management (FCM) services are being provided by GAHHS at the Paxton Community and Wellness Center in Paxton. FCPHD is excited to continue to provide Maternal Child Health Services through GAHHS.

The dedicated staff at FCPHD continue to serve Ford County in assuring safe food, testing safe drinking water, coordinating emergency preparedness, monitoring communicable disease, providing senior services and protecting through community health.


                  Ford County Public Health Department Annual Report

 2018 Annual Report 


  • Agency on Aging
  • Community Care Coordination
  • DHS
  • CDC
  • Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services
  • Benefit Access Program