Illinois Liquor Control

Illinois Liquor Control

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) protects the health and safety of the public through careful oversight of the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages.

Functions of the ILCC include: 
  1. Compliance: Ensures that licensees comply with the provisions of the Illinois Liquor Control Act of 1934 and its Rules and Regulations. ILCC special agents supervise underage purchasers during random ID checks. These checks, performed statewide throughout the State of Illinois, test retail sales personnel on their duty to perform proper ID checks in the sale of alcohol. Agents also conduct periodic compliance sweeps in conjunction with other state and local enforcement agencies to check for violations above and beyond Illinois liquor laws.
  2. Licenses: Issues approximately 28,000 state liquor licenses each year of varying classifications for the three tiers of the liquor industry. Strict qualifying criteria must be followed to obtain a liquor license as defined in the Illinois Liquor Control Act, which includes ownership information, local licensing, tax status and sales tax history. Revenues collected from liquor license fees fund all Commission operations.
  3. Inspections: Conducts approximately 26,000 routine inspections of licensed premises via its team of 18 agents who are stationed throughout the state. Upon finding violations of the Illinois Liquor Control Act, electronic reports are transmitted to the central office for adjudication.
  4. Violations: Violations are reviewed and evaluated to determine the severity of the offense and method by which cases are to be adjudicated. These range from Offers in Compromise to citations requiring formal hearings.
  5. Education: Provides an industry education program, which focuses primarily on the ILCC’s enforcement practices; interpretation of Illinois liquor control laws and best practices; and public awareness efforts regarding the consequences of underage drinking.
The ILCC website is your “one-stop shop” for all liquorrelated information. It’s where you can download a license application, confirm existing liquor laws and regulations, request educational materials, and much more. The following is an overview of our homepage showing the location of specific areas of interest. You can navigate to all available information on our website via this easy-to-use page. Whether you are seeking a general summary of the Liquor Commission or more specific and detailed information, you can find it simply by visiting


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