Illinois Liquor Control

Illinois Liquor Control
The Ford County Public Health Department is responsible for all annual and follow up inspections for all business' in Ford County that sell or serve alcoholic beverages. 
The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) protects the health and safety of the public through careful oversight of the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages. We also work to develop strategies to reduce youth access to tobacco.
As a regulatory agency, we handle all licensing, compliance and enforcement issues. However, we also focus on public health and safety concerns, particularly preventing underage drinking. We provide industry education, guidelines on responsible selling and serving of alcohol, public service announcements and materials, teen awareness campaigns about tobacco and alcohol use, and parental responsibility initiatives. All stem from our mission to build a safer, healthier Illinois. website is your resource for all liquor-related information; download a license application, confirm existing liquor laws and regulations, request educational materials and more!

Illinois Control Act of 1934

BASSET Rules and Regulations

BASSET Training



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