Ford County Cases

10/29/20 - Ford County Public Health Department (FCPHD) is saddened to announce one new COVID-19 related death. The individual was a female in her 70’s. There has been a total of 15 COVID-19 related deaths.

Please note: FCPHD is currently unable to provide additional COVID-19 data for Ford County. An infographic reporting COVID-19 data will be released as soon as information is available from the state reporting system.


  • The information is accurate based on required reporting methods. Testing through commercial labs is not required to be reported to FCPHD. Therefore, additional information will not reflect true testing for Ford County residents. FCPHD is notified of all positive cases, regardless of the processing lab.
  • FCPHD reports both confirmed and probable case data as recently recommended by the CDC. Total cases included confirmed and probable cases. A confirmed case is someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 through a viral test, also called a molecular test.  A viral test alone, is enough to be classified as a laboratory confirmed case.  An example of a probable case is an individual who tests positive for COVID-19 through other testing methods, such as a “Rapid” test, or antigen test. Both confirmed and probable cases are treated the same with regards to isolation and contact tracing. For more information on case definitions and criteria, including probable cases, click here.

  • For information on long term care facilities with cases of COVID-19 among residents and staff, please visit Information provided at this link is provisional, subject to change, and updated weekly. Facilities report data to their local health departments, which in-turn report to IDPH, so lag time and discrepancies are to be expected.
  • Please note, zip code data will not be shown unless a zip code has six or more confirmed cases. This is consistent with Collection, Disclosure, and Confidentiality of Health Statistics (77 Ill. Adm. Code 1005).  Zip code areas 61773, 60962, 60959, 60957, 60952, 60946, 60936, and 60919 are being reported.  For zip code level information on positive COVID-19 cases, please visit IDPH Virtual map at

  • Agency on Aging
  • Community Care Coordination
  • DHS
  • CDC
  • Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services